Giving Up Alcohol

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It is difficult to give up something that has given one so much pleasure. When somebody gets addicted to a certain vice or discovers that they could not stop a certain bad habit, it can become close to impossible to curb that addiction. One of the most common problems that plague the most ordinary human being is addiction to alcohol. Teenagers see alcohol drinking as a right of passage to the world of adults and start very young. From drinking in bars and clubs to house parties, some could not shake off the habit and eventually what starts as social drinking becomes a source of addiction. Alcohol drinking has a lot of negative effects on the mind and body and for those who have become addicted, it could even lead them to lose their families, their jobs, their homes, and ultimately destroy their lives. It is also one of the leading causes of liver cancer, heart diseases and strokes. Therefore, if you know of anyone who may be consuming more alcohol then he should, here are a few ways to help him in giving up the habit.

One way is to make the person aware of the problem. You have to let them realise that giving up alcohol is the only way to improve their life. Help them make that first step to consult a doctor or a sober coach who could then begin to guide them in their quest to curb their craving. Doctors could provide health care tips and could help them decide whether they could quit on their own or the Sober Coach would determine whether they would need to check into a rehabilitation clinic so that they could undergo the 12-step programme, so if they are still able to recover in an out-patient basis with the Sober Coach’s help. Another good way to start is to help them get rid of all the alcohol in their surroundings. If your friend keeps a stock of beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks in his house, you should take all of them out. Without these in the home, it will be easier to resist temptation.

Another way is to substitute their craving for alcohol for another thing. They need to keep an empty jar nearby where they could put the money they are going to buy alcohol with and keep it there. They then have to set a goal to buy something that they have been saving up for. One other way is to let them start a new hobby. Encourage them to enrol in that photography class they have been eyeing or join a running group, or any activity that could let them have a new preoccupation. The energy that they will spend on their new hobby may begin to keep their mind off drinking.

There are a lot of different ways to help a friend in giving up alcohol. Whatever way works for them, one thing is for sure, they are going to need a lot of support and encouragement from the people around them. Therefore, it is important to be there for them and be strong for them so that they will eventually develop healthier lifestyles minus the alcohol.