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Sober Services is a results driven, London, UK based organisation working around the world, utilising a variety of techniques to help people attain and maintain permanent recovery from their addictions to drinking and drugging.

Our team our here to help, call us now to see how we can help someone you care about.

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Sober Services is proud to be recognised as part of EARS - the European Association of Recovery Specialists, for Interventionists, Recovery Coaches & Sober Companions.

We’ve worked hard to achieve this membership, which includes our accreditation and insurance, as well as offering us the opportunity to network and discover best practice with other Practitioners across Europe and beyond.


A Short History of Sober Services

“Of course we can do that”

Sober Services began formally operating in 2008 after the founder felt motivated by the successful models he was witnessing working extremely effectively amongst the private sector of addiction treatment in parts of the USA. He had been working within Residential Rehabilitation Centres for over 8 years and had the experiences of building and establishing one Centre in 2004, before founding another in 2006. The thrill of watching people recover and the knowledge that he played a part in the process was enough to persuade him that by offering Sober Services within the United Kingdom and the European Union (he speaks French) he would be able to offer something fairly unique and original to those seeking a certain level of attention whilst beginning their journey towards recovery. But it was whilst being asked to assist with a film production and their leading lady that Sober Services began to actually take shape. It was at this point that he began to use the term “of course we can do that”.

These days, Sober Services are happy to offer anything from light support right the way through to very intensive accompaniment 24 / 7, and pretty much everything in-between. Basically, we’ve probably been asked it before, and our attitude is always “of-course we can do that”. All of our Sober Transporters, Sober Body-Guides and Sober Coaches are people who have made a choice to dedicate their lives to the well being of other alcoholics and addicts seeking recovery. They have all successfully beaten their own addictions and are fully aware of how to deal with addicts and alcoholics in early recovery. They have been chosen based upon their responsible temperament, positive personalities, knowledge of successful recovery, and their ability to adapt to the client’s environment. They have all been CRB checked and will have passed our stringent process’s of suitability. This means they are completely trustworthy, kind and able to be firm when required. Yes, of course we can do that!

As our motto says “Yes, we can do that!” so if you have any specific requests, please contact us directly.

"We're always Happy to Help"

Our dedicated team are here to help if you have any questions.

About Sober Services

Sober Services are best known for their Sober Interventions - where we work with relevant family members and close friends to successfully motivate your loved one to take responsibility for their addiction and accept the help we're offering - either through another Sober Service or by checking themselves into a residential facility.

Sober Services also have an outstanding reputation within the addiction treatment industry for their one-on-one 'Sober Companion' addiction treatment model, which uses one experienced Sober Companion to assist the client in becoming alcohol and drug free, often including Sober Coaching and other therapeutic practices aimed at reducing the clients' chances and reasons for continuing to drink or use.

Each programme is designed to suit the clients' requirements, which allows us the flexibility to make sure they get the precise results that they and their family or colleagues desire.

We prefer to work one-on-one with the client, so that they get the maximum amount of attention and value from our Sober Services.

As a method of assisted recovery, there is no better model towards enabling someone to have the very best opportunities towards long-term sobriety and a drug free lifestyle, than such an intensive and personal service geared entirely to the client's specific requirements.

For those of our clients looking to access residential rehabs or detoxes, we've got access to centres all over the world based upon our many years (since 2001) in this industry, and out Treatment Advisory Service operates over two tiers - FOC (free of charge), with full access to budget facilities around the UK, or levied at 10% of treatment costs for a global bespoke solution, working with the best around the world within your price range or requirements.

We are currently operating all the services listed on this website, and are always delighted to discuss new ideas or concepts of assisted recovery treatments.

Sober Services is a company built and designed for anybody seeking addiction help, specifically alcohol addiction treatment and / or drug addiction treatment, including alcohol detox. We work with both the individual and the family depending upon the dynamics of the problem.

Sober Services will always try to offer an addiction treatment solution on the client’s terms by bringing the drug or alcohol help to the individual using various methods of treatment including Sober Coaching and Sober Interventions, to help the client in giving up alcohol or drugs.

Sober Coaching is a very useful tool for alcohol therapy, and is a highly successful method for our clients to gain genuine long lasting and permanent alcohol recovery. We offer the same Sober Coaching for drug therapy, since we believe alcohol is a drug. Statistics have proven that treating alcohol as a drug offers the best possibility to gain alcohol recovery or drug recovery.

Primarily, all those seeking drug or alcohol help must begin with an assessment to determine whether or not a drug or alcohol detoxification, is required. Detoxification is a simple procedure aimed at reducing discomfort while the body withdraws from its physical addiction.

IMPORTANT: Never attempt to perform alcohol detox or narcotic detox without proper medical supervision. Without a Doctor’s overview your alcohol detox (or sometimes drug detox) can cause severe medical consequences, including seizures (Delirium Tremors better known as DTs), heart attacks, violent shakes, dizziness, etc. Approximately one in every ten cases of un-medicated alcohol detoxification leads to fatal seizures. Get the appropriate medical help before attempting alcohol detox by yourself!

Our team our here to help, call us now to see how we can help someone you care about.


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Sober Intervention FAQ

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Sober Intervention

Sober Intervention

An intervention is the first step towards addiction recovery. It is particularly relevant for inducing willingness to change in your loved one who may be resistant to accepting help e.g. treatment, detox, rehab, etc.

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Sober Companion

Sober Companion

When you engage us for our Sober Companions Services, you have absolute peace of mind that the person under our care is actively and positively working on their recovery.

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