Ian Young

Founder, Director & Senior Interventionist

Ian Young has successfully touched the lives of thousands of addicted people and their families, showing them a new way to live and encouraging them to rebuild their lives without their destructive patterns or influences once and for all.

Ian was the founder of two large rehabilitation facilities still operating within the European Treatment Industry, though since 2008 he has been entirely focused on Sober Services. He does continue to offer Business and Marketing Consultancy to a selection of centres that he’s excited to work with.

Ian is one of 7 Founders of EARS – European Association of Recovery Specialists, for Interventionists, Sober Companions and Recovery Coaches. This is a not for profit organisation that aims to hold practitioners to a higher standard and unite behind sound ethics in our industry.

But it wasn’t always like that… Early 2001, aged 29, after 13 years of chronic drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and unemployment, he discovered a permanent way out of his debilitating lifestyle and through hard work built himself a world filled with the riches and royalties life has to offer – addiction free! In fact, Ian is often heard talking about his quality of life being beyond anything he could possibly have dreamed off previously.

Ian is the front of house and most likely to be the first point of contact you may have with Sober Services. Furthermore, Ian is one of the UK’s best known Interventionists, the designer of the Sober Bodyguard method of assistance, the pioneer of Sober Transportation in Europe and South Africa, and the visionary behind all of the different services Sober Services have established.

His experience of being an active member of the global addiction treatment industry since 2001 has revealed his skill for producing new and innovative ways that we can help even families and those afflicted even further.

Ian is supremely qualified at delivering all of the Sober Services programmes, participating at all levels of the business from the Sober Coach right the way through to presenting about addiction and recovery to large audiences. It is this skill of presenting to such enormous audiences that has taught Ian to exploit his natural talent of being a positive influence over individuals, for whom any encounter is both up lifting and thought shifting. Ian’s style is dynamic, inspiring and enthusiastic.

Ian is now a multiple business owner (including www.AddictionInterventionsUK.org & wwwAddictionRoadShow.co.uk ), a homeowner and living with his wife 2 dogs, 2 cats & 2 horses, in a quiet part of Northern Hertfordshire. He touches the lives of all those who come into contact with him.

Beware, his energy is infectious, his dedication is profound and his passion to serve his clients shines through.
Ian’s personal mission is to co-create a green and harmonious planet through laughter and love.

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