Are you a problematic drinker or an alcoholic?

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10 ways to tell if you have a problem developing you’re your alcohol consumption, or if you have already become a problematic drinker or alcoholic

 Answer these 10 questions honestly to determine whether you have an alcohol problem or if you are an alcoholic.

1) Do you drink to relieve stress?

You have come to rely on a drink or two to “unwind” or “de-stress” at the end of the working day.

2) Are you drinking alone?

Though there was a time when you only drank in the company of others, these days you are just as likely to have one or more drinks when you are alone.

3) Are you looking forwards to drinking with anticipation?

You find yourself eagerly awaiting that beer, glass of wine, or strong shot while you are on the way home after work. Or you find yourself glancing at your watch to see how close it is to a function you know alcohol will be served at.

4) Is your alcohol consumption in some way related to one or more of your health problems?

You have hypertension, diabetes, or issues with your liver, but you don’t realize that even a couple of drinks can worsen these conditions and increase your risk of further complications.
Have you ever ended up in the Hospital Emergency Room A&E after causing yourself some sort of physical damage falling or getting into a fight whilst inebriated?

5) Are you aware that you drink to relieve boredom and / or loneliness?

You are retired, widowed, a single parent, or unemployed. You feel lonely or bored at times, and you find that a drink or two is comforting. Or you come home from work unfulfilled and drink to find comfort and reassurance and to pass the time.

6) Have you ever driven after drinking?

You may never have been pulled over for driving while intoxicated, but you definitely have driven when your blood alcohol level was around the legal limit or even over it.

7) Do you drink to maintain a comforting sensation because you enjoy the effect it produces so much that you find yourself consuming it on most days, but rarely too heavily?

You like to keep yourself “topped up” so as to maintain a “buzz”. This way you feel in control and able to function and manage yourself well. This is also a way of justifying to yourself that you’re drinking successfully.

8) Do you feel uncomfortable in social situations where there is no drinking?

You are likely to turn down invitations to social events where you know that no one will be drinking, or where alcoholic beverages are prohibited, or you will bring your own and drink in secret.

9) Have you found that drinking helps you overcome your shyness or nervousness?

You’ve discovered that a drink or two – either before a social engagement, or shortly after it starts, helps you “come out of your shell” and enables you to have a better time. Alcohol is social lubrication for you and it works very well.

10) Have you found yourself saying things that you regretted or that hurt other people’s feelings after drinking?

You almost cant believe your own ears as you hear yourself saying something that you instantly regret, often mean or insensitive to those around you.

If you’re recognising yourself in a few of these questions then you will significantly benefit from our completely anonymous Online Sober Coaching Programme.

If you’re recognising yourself in most of these questions, then you may well need assistance that is more intense.

We suggest you try the anonymous Online Sober Coaching Programme first (because it’s effective in 85% of the cases) and if that isn’t sufficient enough to properly address your situation, then please get in touch and discuss some more hands on approaches with our staff.