Womens Fitness ‘Go Dry for January’ – February 2017

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From Womens Fitness “Go Dry for January”- February 2017

“Keeping busy in the evening will reduce boredom and also the time you have to drink so you’re much less likely to do it’. Jonathan Edgeley addiction consultant at Sober Services, recommends replacement therapy, too. ‘You can also add an enjoyable food into your diet to feed your pleasure sensors, such as a nice fruit drink, or some chocolate – remember to only eat sensible amounts. ALternatively, your could play must or go to comedy shows, which release the endorphins while helping you smile and laugh’

“…For a real reward, put aside the money that you would spend on alcohol each week (spoiler:it’s more that you think). ‘Spend it on another treat at the end of the month to reward yourself.’ Don’t fancy going it alone? Boost morale and heighten your chance of success by doing the challenge with a friend. ‘Allow yourself to hold on another accountable,’ says Jonathan, ‘Checkin with them on a daily basis. This will encourage you to stick to the plan and stay on track in order to not lose face.’

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