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Yesterday morning I had the privilege of breakfast with Lauri Burns (sorry for getting lost and arriving 45 mins late – that Lake Shore Drive sure is a long road).

I first met Lauri 6 years ago, when she was the opening speaker at a convention I was attending in Palm Springs. She is an incest survivor and recovered drug addict, who has dedicated her life to building safe houses for young run-away girls to live safely, and become an adoptive Mother to many young women over the years.

She principally has two houses.

One is her own where she adopts homeless girls under 16 to live with her until they become of legal age to live without parental supervision.

One is specifically for those over the 16 who are legally allowed to reside without a guardian.

Please browse and see for yourself.

Lauri is living her life with purpose and believes 100% in the God (Good) work she’s doing.

But what really impressed me the most – was the sheer standard of housing accommodation she provides for her “girls”.

I have seen plenty of Sober-Living housing and accommodation and it’s normally nice enough to reside in for a few months.

But Lauri has simply gone much further than just the extra-mile with her housing stock – the residents have a beautiful house, in a gorgeous neighbourhood, with the most fabulously decorated and designed bedrooms and layout.

Simply put into Lauri’s words – “I want my girls to have the best housing possible and for the standards to be better than anywhere any of us have ever lived before”.

Lauri has hit her target and gone much further.

Meeting a couple of the residents I’m told that all girls must return to education, take their sobriety extremely seriously, and be on the right track directly back into society and normal living.

Indeed, while I was there, Lauri took the call from one of the girls who had just got her dream job.

And so I salute Lauri and the great work she is doing into restoring these innocent victims to sanity and a life filled beyond their wildest dreams.

Please do visit the website and if you feel like you’d like to know more or contribute in some way, Lauri is very open minded to building new opportunities.

Sobriety from drink and drugs is one thing.

But completely rebuilding these girls lives and hopes for the future is taking the show to a new level.

Well done Lauri – great job.