The Big Society – what’s the Big Deal?

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The Big Society – what’s the Big Deal?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been hearing the phrase “The Big Society” and not really understood what it’s a reference to or what was being described.
But I came to understand it a little clearer when it was pointed out via various media channels (most notably Twitter) that this is just a scam to get people to do voluntary work to cover the staffing levels that are being cut due to the Government savings.
I then listened to this:

Now, I know that I can easily get distracted with my libertarian ideologies, and I’m certainly known to make off centre political comment and to be some sort of radical nutter, but I do think David Cameron’s on to something here, even though I find it grotesque that our Prime Minister should be suggesting it.

In an ideal society, surely we would all be inspired to do the next right thing, and if that means helping out someone less fortunate than ourselves by volunteering our skills, or to keep something going that we’re personally passionate about by giving up some spare time to do it, then our consciences should simply be enough to persuade us, rather than any Government policy.

As a Sober Coach and someone who works with tackling people’s addictions on a daily basis, I still need to make sure I practice what I preach and contribute towards others’ well being outside of my professional work.
My theory is simple – Addiction is all about the individual’s selfishness and self-centeredness. So their ability to recover and remain free from their addiction must involve selflessness and contribution to others.
And I need to do this as much as my clients, if not more!

The world would certainly be a better place if all of the citizens of this land were to step up and participate in the well being of our more vulnerable or less able members of our own society. What would be sad is if we were to say “forget about those less fortunate than us… they don’t contribute towards the quality of my life, therefore I find no reason to contribute towards theirs” because this is completely missing the point of what it means to live in a civilisation. I mean, we all take care of our elder relatives, don’t we? Don’t you?!!

So I actually see no argument against the “Big Society” if what it means is that we help one another achieve the things they cannot achieve by themselves. This is in essence one of the very basic Spiritual Principles of life.

Sadly, there are those that are saying that the Government are just attempting to take advantage of the good nature of it’s citizens by asking them to step up and fulfil the gaps and the duties due to the cuts they’re having to make. And although this is a sinister argument, it still doesn’t have any impact on my thought process – so if the Country really is knackered and has to make so many cuts to its services and then in turn asks the people to step up and serve, why on earth wouldn’t we? Surely no is not the moment to be giving the State the Big Middle Finger!
Presumably you care about your community and want nothing but the best for it. Then you’re gonna have to do actually contribute towards that vision, please.

Who exactly do we think is responsible for the quality of our lives?
When did we start believing that we no longer needed to participate in our own future.
And when did you forget that the “Secret to Living is Giving” [Anthony Robbins].

“The quality of my own life is directly proportional to the amount of time I dedicate towards helping improve the quality of other’s peoples’ lives!’ [Ian Young – though not quite as snappy as Tony’s ;-0) ]

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