Retox Time to Try Mindful Drinking: How to swap hangovers for more happy hours

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Jonathan Edgeley – Addiction Consultant at Sober Services give tips on keeping dry:



Jonathan says that identifying and then focusing on your motivation to be a better drinker is the key to more mindful partying and will help you sleep, look and feel better when the New Year comes.

He says: “This will be the single most important element to having a great Christmas season that you can remember. Once your reason has been established, it will then become your primary motivation to achieving your goal and be used as your point of reference during your period of reduced intake of alcohol.

“One way is by choosing an image for your motivation and have it as your screen saver on your phone, pin it to the fridge, frame it to your desk… wherever you put it, make sure it is visible and a constant reminder.”


Jonathan says: “This can be fun, for a start you get to bask in the glory of watching other people overindulge and be the one to remind them of the night’s events the next morning. Additionally, your family and friends will see you as the saviour of the night and appreciate your gallant services.”


Jonathan says “Mocktails are a great alternative to cocktails on a night out, and considerably cheaper. So by embracing Mocktails in your drinking this Christmas, you can still be out having fun with your friends and experience the joys of a sober night out.

“There’s no doubt that the more you reduce drinking, the more money you can save. Start a savings pot and set aside money from your ‘drinking fund’ that you would usually spend on a night out. You might even have enough for that New Year holiday you’ve been thinking about.”

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