Residential Alcohol or Drug Rehab Centre Questions

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The Sober Services Team have been researching and evaluating residential rehab centres for alcohol and drugs all over the world for well over 10 years, and we only work with clinics that we’ve visited and approved based primarily upon outcome statistics, crossed referenced by the standard (luxury) of their facilities verses the cost to the client.
A great rehab centre will offer choices and options to their clients, understanding that all residents will have specific requirements and different needs. Often we’ve seen clinics fairly inflexible with their treatment programmes which may be understandable for some of the less expensive ‘one size fits all’ programmes and still maintain high success levels, but can also considerably improve the quality of someone’s level of recovery upon graduation if a more bespoke attitude is adopted.

The following are some good examples of questions you could be asking potential facilities to judge if they’re right for you or your loved one:

Personalised care is really rather important, because addiction is such a personal experience. Psychotherapy is the most common treatment method for addiction (that Sober Services would recommend) because it helps to uncover the underlying causes of addiction on a personal level. As such, all decent treatment programme will focus on the addict / alcoholic and their needs. Almost all 12 Step rehab centres operate like this.

Sober Aftercare

Sober Aftercare helps clients and families serious about their recovery in the long run. This is a monthly programme and is used to support someone’s residential experience and to maintain his or her journey towards permanent recovery in addition to any Aftercare services the rehab may offer.

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