7 Reasons for a Sober Intervention

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The usual rhetoric that people who have a loved one who is currently in the grips of their addiction, be that alcohol, narcotics, eating disorders, gambling, or any other behavioural or process compulsion, is to wait until they are ready to have help and any interfering with just prolong their determination to engage with their addiction.

Typically, families are told, “I am completely powerless to help the addict I love, and the only thing I can do is stay out of the way until he or she ‘hits bottom.’”
This has been the traditional stance fed to families for many years, and yet it’s not entirely true.

It’s absolutely true that in trying to help them we can unwittingly enable the addict to conjure up more excuses to hide away inside their disorder, and to send them spiralling off towards further challenges in their life.
To shield them from the very consequences that might spark a change is a natural decision for a loved one to make.

The tough choice would be to confront the addict and have the courage to no longer rescue them from their diseases, but to permit them to experience larger and more severe consequences of their addiction. This is how an addict prepares himself or herself for change – by experiencing pain and realising for themselves just how hard life will be to continue using.

So we need to give them a graceful exit from their addiction and our Sober Interventions are the perfect way to bring about a genuine chance for permanent change in the addict, through a loving and healthy process, led by our Senior Practitioners.

If your loved one is in serious trouble with their addiction and they don’t seem to want to stop yet, then you will want to consider a Sober Intervention.

An intervention happens when family and friends of an addict create a process to lovingly, but firmly, confront the addict and urge him or her to accept the help they’re offering, – to access detox and residential rehabilitation as the first stage towards breaking their cycle.

Some Interventions fail, particularly if the family aren’t all 100% behind the solution or when we haven’t prepared ourselves enough to be able to overcome all the objections the addict may have. Occasionally, despite all this the addict refuses to accept help and the family cave in rather than sticking to the plan. And it’s extremely important to choose the right facility for them to access or else the Intervention opportunity would be completely wasted.

So why bother going to all that trouble and expense? Why take the chance of spoiling the hope that they’re going to choose to get well anyway if we wait just a little longer?

Here are seven reasons why an intervention is absolutely worth the risk.