Prima – How to cut down your alcohol

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Jonathan Edgeley, addiction consultant at Sober Services, reveals the tried-and-tested techniques you can start using now.

  1. Identify your reason for quitting – Your reason for giving up will become your prime motivation and a point of reference when the going gets tough. Choose an image as motivation and have it as your screensaver and have it as your screensaver on your phone, pint it to the fridge, frame it on your desk – wherever you put it, make sure it’s visible so it acts as a constant reminder.
  2. Start a drink journal – Make a note of what you drink over the course of a month including the amount, why you felt the need to drink and the number of hangovers or non-productive days you suffered. This way you can review your drinking patterns and understand key triggers that compelled you to drink in the first place.
  3. Set realistic goals – By using the drink journal to review your weekly intake, you get a clear picture of your habits, and can begin to reduce your consumption. Create a weekly reduction plan, either by the glass or bottle – whatever works best.
  4. Let people know – Telling people what you are doing and why means they can support you along the way.
  5. Celebrate – Its important to mark your milestone achievements, so trat yourself to a night at the cinema, or dinner with those loved ones supporting the cause.

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