Lindsey Lohan returns to rehab and Jack Osbourne comments

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Lindsey Lohan in rehab and Jack Osbourne offers support:

I’m a great supporter of Jack Osbourne and what he has done to represent recovery and his own personal development. Indeed, I gave him his 1st year anniversary cake back in 2004 (in fact you can see a short film on you tube, from when I worked in a Young Person’s residential rehab and met with Jack ).

So I was pleased to see him stepping in to show some support to Lindsey Lohan and her current troubles which see her being told to return to rehab until the next year, due to a cocaine positive drug test.

And while it is sad, and people are bound to shout at her and scream, “why don’t you just stop doing it, Lindsey?” the reality is that if we, as active addicts could stop, then we would. A great example was Robert Downey Jnr, when he was turning up passed out down seedy alleyways in New York etc. Do you think he wanted to be going that low? Do you really think Lindsey wants to ruin her career? Of course not.

Sadly, she is in that place where she is using against her will. She sets off for the evening with great intentions and ends up believing that “this time will be different”, and of course it rarely is… jails, institutions / rehabs, or even potentially death (through overdose).

However, what I do see is her taking steps in the right direction.

She’s beginning to pick up the tools of recovery, though they never seem obvious until we are living them, and they are never easy to learn unless we are fully supported and led through the journey.

I know through my own experience and that of all the people I’ve met and tried to help along the way, that it’s a really tricky life style change, complicated by a complete shift in mental attitude and internal belief system.

Drug and alcohol recovery is not easy – but it is the easier, softer option in the long run.

But just like giving up any substance (I didn’t drink any coffee for the past week), you must go through the pain before you move into the place of ease and comfort. Otherwise, addictions wouldn’t exist – people would simply stop and stay stopped through some new learned behaviour and thought pattern.

But actually, what we understand is that addiction does exist, and for some people, the information that it’s killing us, and the repeated circumstances which continue to get us into trouble don’t seem to hold enough weight to enpower our minds to recover.

So what’s the solution?

Well for me and many millions of others around the globe, it requires a spiritual solution – such as an acceptance of a universal power running the whole show, that provided we can seek comfort within (or through), will provide us with the tools needed to break the pattern.

So, although I don’t want to go into detail here about Spirituality, Higher Powers, God, Mother Earth or other concepts here, if Lindsey could start trying to live her life along lines that served the planet and not just her own wants or needs, then I believe she will gain the strength and foresight to begin to recover.

And actually, I believe she already is.

I believe she is on the right path.

It just takes a little time for the mental attitude and shift to appear and work in all her affairs.

Give her time. After all, when you loved one has influenza, or a cold or cough, you don’t tell them to get well on your terms and in your time frame. You allow them to get well naturally without a deadline to stop sneezing or coughing etc.

So let us understand that Lindsey has the illness of addiction and she is in the process of recovering, but hasn’t recovered yet.

So let’s let her get on with it. I believe she is serious and genuine.

Who wouldn’t be?

And also Jack is right about recovery being harder in the UK that the USA. But that’s mainly because we have a significantly smaller culture of recovery over here, so finding help and support is much more difficult.

However, it certainly is very possible.

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