Intervention – A professional view – Q&A with Ian Young

Sober-Services Intervention

Letting the Light in ran a Questions & Answers Interview with Ian Young about his style of Interventions for families living with someone suffering from addictive illness. He answers the following questions:

  • What advice would you have for parents of a middle-aged addict if that addict refuses to leave their house? This kind of situation can turn the parents’ lives into a nightmare as they get older.
  • If a family would like to carry out an Intervention but can’t afford to pay a professional to help them, what can they do on their own? Is there anywhere they can find the support necessary to do an Intervention? What approach could they use?
  • What Consequences can a family put in place if their addict declines to go into rehab during the Intervention?
  • In cases where an older addict has been to rehab and lapsed afterwards – returning to his or her previous habits of emotional blackmail towards their parents – what action would you advise parents take to be able to deal with this?
  • When an Intervention has been carried out in the past, and the addict has gone to rehab and relapsed, does it make sense to repeat the process again?
You can see the whole article split into 2 parts on the Letting The Light in website:

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Sober Intervention

Sober Interventions

Interventions have been successfully used by Sober Services since 2008 to confront and address serious personal problems, including alcoholism, compulsive gambling, drug addictions, substance abuse including prescription pill dependancy, compulsive eating and other eating disorders, self harm, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and other behavioural health conditions.

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Sober Companion

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