Intervention – A professional view – Q&A with Ian Young

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Letting the Light in recently ran a Q&A with Ian Young about Interventions, where he answers questions like.

  • What advice would you have for parents of a middle-aged addict if that addict refuses to leave their house? This kind of situation can turn the parents’ lives into a nightmare as they get older.
  • If a family would like to carry out an Intervention but can’t afford to pay a professional to help them, what can they do on their own? Is there anywhere they can find the support necessary to do an Intervention? What approach could they use?
  • What Consequences can a family put in place if their addict declines to go into rehab during the Intervention?
  • In cases where an older addict has been to rehab and lapsed afterwards – returning to his or her previous habits of emotional blackmail towards their parents – what action would you advise parents take to be able to deal with this?
  • When an Intervention has been carried out in the past, and the addict has gone to re-hab and relapsed, does it make sense to repeat the process again?

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