I pledge to change my unhealthy eating choices

Ian Young Diet

I’ve been thinking about my personal physical health, and what it means to mean to be Sober and in recovery, and how that relates to my physical health.

For those of you that follow me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ian.young00 (feel free to add me as a friend) or know me personally, you’ll know that I make no denial about my attraction to sugar and will admit I am a sugar addict.

It’s clear that once I start eating chocolate I cannot stop until it’s all gone. Or when I go to the cinema I spend twice as much of the price of the theatre ticket on pick n mix sour sweets / candy. I will still be eating when the films finished!

Anyhow, I digress… what interests me is when I look around at all my friends – both in recovery from addictions, those involved in personal development, many from my past and various others that I’ve met along my journey – very few of them have this unhealthy attitude towards the products they put into their bodies.

So what is it about me, which allows me to get free from drinking, drugging and various other debilitating behaviours, and supplement this by going to the gym 4 or 5 each week?

I’m not going to try to suggest that I have the definitive answer to this question, but I must ask myself what it’s going to take to address this negative relationship that I seem to have with certain food types [“mmm, sugar!” – Homer Simpson]?

When I’m coaching, mentoring and sponsoring people, I encourage them to see where they want to go and visualise it. Then by writing down that visualisation we make a pact with each other to make it happen. So then we set out daily, weekly and monthly discipline changes, mapped against progress reports and improved results. No quick fix, but always heading in the right direction.

So, take this blog piece as my intention to do something about my diet and the unhealthy lifestyle that I still lead despite quitting all drugs, alcohol and nicotine a while back.

I am making a commitment to work on my physical health during the autumn and winter months.

Call me to task early 2011 and see where I’m at.

And don’t let me off the hook – there you go, it’s out there in the Universe now.