I eat healthy and nutritious foods

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I eat healthy and nutritous foods:

For those of you who have been following my bogs, you may remember that on 22nd August 2010 I pledged to change my unhealthy eating choices http://www.ianyoung.co/i-pledge-to-change-my-unhealthy-eating-choices/

Well, I’m really pleased to say that I’ve made a major shift in my attitudes and therefore my shape (my weight change isn’t conclusive yet).

I underwent a series of challenges, between my excursion to Malaysia (the South China Sea is as warm as a jacuzzi, and choppy like one too), my house moving antics (a test of anyone’s patience) and my recent Scottish trip where I under went a complete physical cleanse over 5 days of restricted consummation to liquidized raw vegetables and drinking Udo’s Oils.

Anyhow, in the large my challenges had been calorie consuming and physically demanding. I was bruised, blistered, battered, bashed, burnt and brain washed, all the good name of my own personal development.

But I came out of it the other side, a better person in so many areas of my life, specifically my general health.

Would you kindly indulge me?

I’d like to write it out loud so that you, God, The Universe and everyone in it may hold me accountable, and in some way engrave the new directions more firmly. You understand?

So let me spell out for you the changes I’ve made and stuck to so far.

1)   I am caffeine free! After completing (against my will) 2 caffeine detoxes in 3 weeks, I figured it was a sign to stay off it.

2)   So instead of my morning lift of caffeine, I’m eating or juicing fruits – kiwis, apples and bananas seem to be the current flavour.

3)   I’ve severely increased my intake of raw greens like salads, broccoli, peas, etc – anything that’s green and can be consumed without any form of cooking.

4)   My portion sizes have been significantly reduced… Finally! About time too.

5)   My carbohydrates are no longer a must in every meal, but more a choice as a side dish, rather than the main course (except when my wife decides it’s pasta bake night).

6)   Whenever at all possible, I’m commited to spending a little extra and purchasing Organic and Free Range products, specifically meats, but also, importantly, all fruit and veg. I like my fruit and veg to be alive!

7)   Despite only having cows milk in coffee, and having soya milk in cereal, now I’ve cut out the coffee all that was left was soya milk. However, Soya is largely a genetically modified plant, so I’ve shifted across to Rice Milk, if required.

8)   Whenever eating out, I’m ordering a Salad as a starter, to reduce my appetite for the main course, rather than pushing it to the side.

9)   I’m focussing upon fresh products whenever practical, and shunning processed foods.  Fast foods are limited to absolute necessity, and convenience foods are limited to healthy muesili type cereals. No microwave meals!

10)  And most importantly, there are no rules telling me ‘I cannot’, or ‘that’s not allowed’, thus eliminating any possibilities of relapsing and then giving up. Effectively I can eat what I want. The thing is, I choose to eat the things in points 1 – 9 and I want to eat healthy and nutritious foods.

Feeling this good, never felt so great!

So, don’t let me off the hook.

Next time you see me, check out my ever decreasing belly – and if you can spot it still, then check in with me and make sure I’m following my own food plan.

But right now, I believe in myself and the shifts I’ve made into new eating habits.

Contact me yourself if you have any further questions.

I’m happy to help.

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