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The jokes, the tears, the ‘I told you sos’; it seems everyone wants a piece of Amy Winehouse’s death. But just what can we learn from her untimely demise?

Another exceptional talent has died prematurely. Another set of parents have lost their daughter, a brother his sister. Fans worldwide have lost an inspiration, celebrities a friend.

Most shocking of all, it’s not surprising. Not one bit of it. Her father Mitch warned that this would happen a few years ago, and the tabloids prophecy that she would fall has finally been fulfilled.

The drugs, the drink, the psychological issues; sadly, her name is just one more of a rapidly growing list. We cried as Heath Ledger was found lifeless from a drug overdose, and gasped as Michael Jackson was pronounced dead from what is believed to be a similar cause. But as a young woman who has always secretly envied the seemingly idyllic lifestyle of a celebrity, I just can’t get my head around why so many throw it all away. Who, or what, should we blame for the countless tragedies befallen to our heroes?

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