Alcohol Therapy – What to do when you need alcohol therapy

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If you believe that you are drinking too much or if you are concerned about a friend or family member’s drinking habits, it may be time to look into alcohol therapy or a Sober Coach. One of the best ways to determine if you are drinking too much is to reflect on how it is affecting your everyday life.

For instance, if you feel like you need to apologise to one or more people for something that you have done while drinking recently, then you may be imbibing too much. If you often have to make up excuses to cover up your drinking, then you may be over drinking. Those lies can even include calling in sick to work frequently due to hangovers or even being drunk while you should be at work. Many alcoholics function at very high levels which means that you may think that you do your job well and take care of your family well. However, you still may be drinking too much. Binging is considered to be anything over four or five drinks, and if you find that you are drinking this many drinks more than two or three times a week, you should seriously consider seeking help.

There are several different types of alcohol therapy. Regardless of which type of therapy you choose, you can expect to experience some mild withdrawal symptoms that may include slight shaking and cravings. There are many different models of residential and non residential rehab, which can be assessed by some of the Senior Sober Services staff. We will consider you gender, age, culture, substance of choice, patterns of use, budget and desired level of comfort. By staying at a centre both day and night, you will remove yourself from temptation. But for many of our clients, time away from their home or desk isn’t a practical solution. In these cases use of a SOber Body Guide and Sober Coaching is highly successful and cost effective. It can be hard to resist alcohol if you do not absent yourself from your regular stressful environment. Our Sober Body Guides will make absolutely sure of your abstinence.

Most alcohol therapy centres work within the model of Western medicine. Some researchers are even working on a drug that can help people stop their addiction. The drug is similar to the one that is used to get people over opiate addictions. However, if you are interested in more holistic or Eastern approaches to treatment of addictions, you can find holistic centres in some cities. These centres address all the reasons that you drink, and they attempt to recreate you as a whole person. Please contact us and we’d be happy to direct you towards a facility that suits your requirements.

Regardless of why you drink, if you are binging too often, you should seek Sober Coaching or alcohol therapy. The choices are plentiful, and by talking to us you will be able to locate the place that suits you best.