Options For Alcohol Recovery Programs

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Alcohol recovery can be very difficult for those who are addicted to alcohol and do not know how to begin recovery. For many years, programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and detox clinics have been helping individuals become sober with success. However, it is important to understand that not everyone is able to recover using the same techniques. Treatment is usually determined based on the severity of addiction and the health and lifestyle of the person who needs rehabilitation.

Alcohol withdrawal can be deadly if not done under medical supervision, so simply ceasing to drink is not advisable. Family members with good intentions might remove alcohol from the individual’s proximity, but this can have fatal consequences and is usually unsuccessful, due to resentment from the alcoholic no longer afforded the luxury of their drink. There are many options for detox and rehabilitation. Normally an individual can be treated at a hospital or specialist clinic for a period of 30-90 days as a resident or under an outpatient programme. There are also support groups who will hold an addict accountable for his or her own alcohol recovery. AA is the most publicised group, but there are countless others.

Some people are not comfortable with the traditional 12 step programme style, or have not found success with it in the past. For this reason, there has been a growth in alternative groups who use different methods to aid in recovery. Most alcoholic support groups will be comprised of members who have been sober for long periods of time as well as the recently sober, and those in every stage between. This provides a member with a metaphorical road map to see where he or she can be, as far as recovery, in a week, month, year and later. Members provide comfort and strength for each other in times of discouragement and temptation. They can also provide a great deal of inspiration and encouragement through personal success stories. Another very successful alternative to 12 Step treatment programmes is Sober Coaching. Please contact us to discuss Sober Coaching for you. We have a number of different Sober Coaches and we’ll try to match the most appropriate Sober Coach for your specific requirements and personality.

Often a recovering addict will attend group meetings after a detox programme if the a