3 common excuses addicts / alcoholics use to justify avoiding addiction treatment.

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Witnessing a family member or someone you care about succumb to an addiction of any kind – alcohol, narcotics, gambling, shopping / spending, sex / love / food, etc can be one of the most heart breaking things to witness, leaving you feeling powerless and hopeless.

You may attempt to help them, but more often than not, addicted individuals have become so dependent that they will do everything and anything in their power to maintain their current lifestyle. They may steal to financially support themselves, or they may commit violent or illegal acts to ensure their needs are met.

But there comes a point when family members and friends can see so clearly that they require a residential rehabilitation experience and they’re left with no choice but to demand their loved ones choose to attend such a facility.
Just like the previous acts of desperation, people with addictions, specifically alcohol or drug dependencies may say whatever they think they need to in order to help them avoid rehab. Manipulation tactics are usually employed by the addict to ensure they maintain their addiction rather than succumb to the family’s better judgment.
Though family and friends may be tempted to believe the words of their loved ones, remember that the main goal of confronting people about their addiction has to be to secure a permanent solution, usually found through a residential addiction treatment centre.

First of all, the biggest reason why people don’t access Residential Rehab is because of the costs and the usually very slow, tedious and bureaucratic process of accessing genuinely useful help and support via the local authority or other government agencies.
But for those families in a position to be able to afford rehab, please don’t miss the opportunity to help your loved one.
Remember, this though – the more expensive the facility, the nicer the conditions. There is little correlation between success results and the price of a centre. It’s far better to measure results by the length of stay, rather than the comfortable surroundings.
So we would always advise you purchase the longest treatment programme you can afford, rather than the most expensive. Furthermore, in the UK you can purchase some of the very best 12 week treatment treatment programmes for less than the standard 4 week establishments. A higher standard of luxury is nice, but it doesn’t mean you’ve got a better chance of success – merely more pleasant surroundings.

So, putting money aside, check out these three common excuses addicts may offer to avoid accepting the help we’re offering towards their addiction treatment.

While some people develop debilitating drug and alcohol addictions that cause them to lose friends, jobs and everything else, there are also those addicts, often alcoholics, who are able to live a somewhat normal life despite their substance abuse. This is sometimes called “Functioning Addicts / Alcoholics”.

However, family and friends should not be fooled – addiction is addiction, and it is only going to contribute towards an early grave, prison or hospitalisation sooner rather than later, regardless of how successful the person may appear or present themself.

This excuse is known as “denial”.
People tend to lose perspective on how much their addiction affects those around them, even though they may ardently believe that they can stop whenever they choose to (although they never seem to make the decision to actually choose to stop), and the odds are that they will fail should they actually attempt to.