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Support when I needed it the most

My name is Lea, and I was suffering from addiction to alcohol and cocaine.
I had desperately tried to stop, but just could not.
It got to a point where I was scared that I would die.
I knew that if I did not get away to receive professional help, I would probably end up dead.
I live in Luxembourg and I had no clue where to go.
I got in touch with Sober Services and spoke to a very friendly voice.
I told him I needed to find a rehab immediately and that I had to leave in the next few days, otherwise I knew I would not have the courage to go.
Ian said he would help find me a rehab that was best suited for me, and he kept in touch with me each hour to let me know what was happening.
That afternoon Ian had found me a place in a rehab in South Africa.
From that point on and until I left 4 days later, Ian kept in contact with me, providing me with the emotional support I so desperately needed.
Today I am 8 months clean and my life has completely changed.
Today I am finally free to be me, to be a mother, a wife and a friend.
I am so grateful for what Ian and Sober Services did for me.
Without them, I’m not sure I would be who I am today.
I received so much care and support when I needed it the most.
So thank you!!!


Thank you Ian for being honest

Thank you Ian for being honest, open and brave to write this book! It’s a miracle you went through what you went through alive and with such compassion and passion to help others! Never give up! You’re right it’s not about you it’s about all of us addicts or not! But this book is certainly about you and it is GREAT!!


Walked the Walk and Talked the Talk

This is a great book and tells the truth of someone who walked the walk and talked the talk. Could not put this down. Inspiring for all.

George Powell

Your book has been inspiring, enlightened me and made me cry

Hi Ian
I hope you are well.
Since I spoke to you last I have read ‘It’s Not About Me’ and want to say I am far wiser and more knowledgeable than ever before about the long journey through addiction and back to sobriety. Your book has been inspiring, enlightened me, made me cry, filled me with despair yet hope and longing for my daughter to one day see that glimmer of light that will grow and help her very soon to realise what she has to do to get well.
Ian, I feel I’ve tried everything, I’ve been soft, tough, soft again, and at present am trying just to love her, be her mum but not giving her any cash but still reminding her that help is at hand once she accepts her need and asks for it.
I missed my tube and bus stops several times as I was so engrossed in it! The 12 steps you describe sound amazing and I so want S. to have that chance.
Many thanks


Do you know an addict? If so, BUY THIS BOOK!!!

Are you an addict? Do you live with an addict? Do you know an addict? If so, BUY THIS BOOK!!!

I know Ian personally and this book doesn’t begin to tell half the story. A helpless, hopeless addict that has found redemption by taking simple suggestions, following a new spiritual path and attempting to help others. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wince, you’ll shake your head in disbelief but I guarantee that you’ll be rooting for Ian to clean up. A wonderful story with a very happy ending. Read it – more will be revealed… Spencer (One of “the tribe”) x

Amazon Customer

Ian’s story is truly amazing and gripping

As a heavy drinker myself, I brought this book with an open mind.
Ian’s story is truly amazing and gripping.
I think there isn’t much that Ian doesn’t do to excess from every type of booze to hardcore drugs but the story of how he turns everything around to helping other in the world is amazing and inspiring.

I also found the book very interesting in helping myself to stop drinking and change my life for the better which I’ve now done.

I can highly recommend this book.


Steve and his Dog

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