Thank you for giving me my brother back


Dear Ian,

It was around this time last year I contacted you and asked for your help providing an intervention to help me, my family, and most importantly my brother.
You found us all in a very dark place. My family was torn apart and ruined. We struggled to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and all felt truly lost. After battling with my brothers addiction for nearly 10 years, after trying every avenue and failing time and time again, we had hit rock bottom, desperate to help him but finally accepting defeat.

But now after your successful Sober Intervention and residential rehab recommendation we are approaching my brothers one year anniversary.
One year of being clean and sober!
This is a sentence I cannot stop repeating to myself.
For each time I do, am left feeling astonishingly proud of my brother.
Proud of his achievement, who he has become and the path he is creating for himself.
This was something I not only thought was impossible, but has now created the foundation of my new relationship with him.

Ian, thank you for everything you have done for all of us.
We are a completely different family now, a happy one.

Thank you for giving me my brother back.