Support when I needed it the most


My name is Lea, and I was suffering from addiction to alcohol and cocaine.
I had desperately tried to stop, but just could not.
It got to a point where I was scared that I would die.
I knew that if I did not get away to receive professional help, I would probably end up dead.
I live in Luxembourg and I had no clue where to go.
I got in touch with Sober Services and spoke to a very friendly voice.
I told him I needed to find a rehab immediately and that I had to leave in the next few days, otherwise I knew I would not have the courage to go.
Ian said he would help find me a rehab that was best suited for me, and he kept in touch with me each hour to let me know what was happening.
That afternoon Ian had found me a place in a rehab in South Africa.
From that point on and until I left 4 days later, Ian kept in contact with me, providing me with the emotional support I so desperately needed.
Today I am 8 months clean and my life has completely changed.
Today I am finally free to be me, to be a mother, a wife and a friend.
I am so grateful for what Ian and Sober Services did for me.
Without them, I’m not sure I would be who I am today.
I received so much care and support when I needed it the most.
So thank you!!!