Still sober thanks to the help and genuine care


Hi, my name is Dave and I am an extremely happy customer of Sober Services. After 18months of continually failing to stay sober for more than two months I was somewhat baffled to why this was. Most of the time all was well, I would get through the first couple of weeks full of confidence, and then out of the blue would find myself relapsing at times of stress or at social events. On speaking to a friend she suggested I contact Ian, so I did. On meeting Ian for the first time I immediately felt very comfortable and at ease in his company. A week later I was due to go on business abroad, these certain trips were always my most vulnerable times (airports, business meetings etc.) so I decided to give sober services a try. Ian picked me up promptly in the very early hours of the morning (in a very nice comfortable car) and drove me to Heathrow airport. We chatted all the way to the airport and I was made to feel at ease before boarding my flight. Upon my return Ian was again prompt and returned me home safely. A couple of weeks later I had to attend a family function, (these were always big trigger points for me), and I invited Ian to accompany me. Ian introduced himself as a friend and was welcomed by all members of my family, and again I returned home safe and sober…. A few months have passed now and I’m still sober thanks to the help, genuine care and support from Ian and Sober Services. Many thanks