I wouldn’t have it any other way


Thank you for designing and coming to my family intervention in November 2017 with my Dad, Mother & brother David. It saved my life!
After going to Detox you sent me to Rehab in Suffolk & I stayed there for 9 months. I left in September 2018.
I’ve now relocated & am 22 months clean & sober. I work closely with my Fellowship Sponsor & I’ve been through the 12 steps with her. I am now sponsoring someone else & taking her through the Big Book.
I have my family back in my life & I surround myself with decent friends. I volunteer at a rehab and am being trained up as a support worker. I also work at the food bank in town.
I do a bit of service at 12 step meetings, taking the woman’s AA meeting & I have now just taken over as secretary at a CA meeting in town.
I wouldn’t have it any other way. Recovery has given me my life back & I’m happy for the first time ever, I’m so grateful to you for intervening and for the programmes of AA & CA.