7 essential things to look for in a Sober Companion

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When we meet with families, one of the questions we ask is “What is the very best possible outcome for your loved one?” The typical answer is something along the lines of “I want them to completely stop drinking / using drugs and to return to the loving member of our family that we remember from past”. So, with this …


Intervention – A professional view – Q&A with Ian Young

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Letting the Light in recently ran a Q&A with Ian Young about Interventions, where he answers questions like. What advice would you have for parents of a middle-aged addict if that addict refuses to leave their house? This kind of situation can turn the parents’ lives into a nightmare as they get older. If a family would like to carry …

Talk Business

Talk Business – Concerns business owners might have with employing someone who had an addiction to drugs and alcohol

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Talk Business Article – Published 21/09/2016 Concerns business owners might have with employing someone who had an addiction to drugs and alcohol     Unfortunately, there is a great deal of negative connotation and stigma associated with the word ‘addict’. However, when you prefix it with the word ‘recovering’ it takes on a whole new meaning. One of positivity, integrity …

7 Proven Steps to Permanent Happy & Healthy Addiction

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1) Positive Rewards and Negative Consequences 2) Frequent Random Drug Tests 3) Abstinence based therapeutic Programmes 4) Recovery based Role Models, Recovery Sponsors (Mentors), Sober Coaches (AKA Recovery Coaches) and a safe Community of fellow Recovering friends. 5) Modified Lifestyles – Change! 6) Active and sustained monitoring – accountability 7) Regular counter balance of relapse – 12 Step Fellowship Meetings

Codependency and being an enabler

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Codependence – a person is “addicted to the addict”; they assume responsibility for meeting the addict’s need and neglect their own Enablers – people who knowingly or unknowingly protect addicts from the natural consequences of their actions “when you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil” – max lerner