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Ian Young – Madeleine Black – Unbroken Podcast
Ian Young personal mission is to co-create a green and harmonious world, through laughter and love, bringing a better quality of life to all who cross his path and beyond.

“Unbroken” – The Podcast with Madeleine Black, features individuals who have all triumphed after adversity and have not just bounced back in life, but forward and are now making a difference for others.

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Denial, Deceit and Deflection of Addictive illness.

Ian Young Addiction Treatment

The first thing we naturally do when we see a loved one with a problem like an emerging addiction, is we will try to talk to them about it. But unfortunately, anyone with addictive illness is going to be resistant to your attempts to engage them in conversation about their negative behaviours as they begin to feel their addictive illness …

Spiral Tribe to Sober Tribe – hosted by Believe Tuesdays

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Ian Young tells his story into Spiral Tribe through to Sober Tribe, hosted by Believe Tuesdays.Hear Ian tell some of his stories of the wild days of Raving through the 90s and his decent into addiction through to recovery at the turn of the Century.


Is there really no substitute for abstinence?

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The question of how best to deal with drug addiction is much debated among professionals. Here former addict Ian Young argues the only way to stop taking drugs is to stop taking drugs, while Yasmin Batliwala of the Westminster Drug Project says such a one-size-fits-all approach is risky.As a drug addict and alcoholic I knew something needed to change, but …

The Recovery Journal – 10 tips for quitting drinking and surviving the holidays

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By Ian Young. The founder of and and is the treatment director of in Thailand The extended holiday season can be a difficult and testing time for people in early recovery. Here are some suggestions that will make the trial of maintaining your new-found recovery that much easier over the Christmas holidays and beyond. Some of these …