Sober Academy

Sober Academy is a leader in Europe providing training for individuals working internationally within the Addiction Treatment and Recovery sector for professionals seeking to enlarge their skill set to identify and provide best practices for clients, patients and their families dealing with substance use disorders or behavioural disorders.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum of accredited trainings, specific to the Addictions and Behavioural Health industry assisting people in their aspirations to become trained, qualified and European Certified International Interventionists, Sober Companions, Recovery Coaches and Sober Transporters.

We are the only Training company world-wide which has delivered trainings in the UK, Sweden, Holland, Russia, Spain, Ireland and Italy and our goal is to expand to an ever larger international audience over the next couple of years. In 2020 we will be delivering training in the USA to add to our roster.

Our current curriculum includes:

Certified Road to Recovery Coaching Training and Certified Sober Academy Interventionist Training.

For more details about Sober Academy and how you can attend a forthcoming Certified Training please visit