Residential Rehab

The Sober Service Team have been researching and evaluation residential rehab centers for alcohol and drugs all over the world for over 10 years, we only work with clinics we know and trust.

Getting the right rehab centre is all about understanding all your needs and requirements ahead of time.

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Residential Detox

There is also the option to detox away from home, where normal patterns and distractions can be avoided.

We vet and test all the centres we work with so we can understand the real experience of being there, so once we know your requirements we know we can get you to the right one.

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Rehab at Home

There is also the option to have rehab at home, where treatment specialist will come and visit you at your home, and you can received your treatment in an environment you are familiar with.

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Home Detox

Home Detox is not for everybody; but it is for those who desire a private, more comfortable and completely convenient detoxification.

This is a specialized service which is most suitable for our clients who prefer to remain at home and maintain absolute confidentiality during their detox, or who wish to follow a private maintenance programme.

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Naltrexone Implants

Sober Services is delighted to have a direct relationship with the only legal provider and installer of Naltrexone Implants in the UK.

Naltrexone Implants are not for everyone, but for many heroine and opiate users it can be a real solution. Furthermore, some alcoholics have the Naltrexone implant installed in order to bring about change in their enjoyment of alcohol – it effectively removes the desire to drink any further.

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