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You can hire a Sober Companion or a Sober Body-Guide, for a day, a week, or for as long as it takes.

The difference between a Sober Companion and a Sober Body-Guide is relatively straight forwards – both of the roles are targeted on complete abstinence, but in the case of a Sober Companion the client is willing to engage and actively participates in their recovery, where as in the case of a Sober Body-Guide the aim is to keep the person sober and drug free no matter what, even if they don’t want to be.


Hiring a sober worker offers a tough-love approach to beat drink and drug addiction - but was a massive JD Wetherspoon bar the right place to start? -

Christopher Middleton - The Daily Telegraph

7 essential things to look for in a Sober Companion

When we meet with families, one of the questions we ask is “What is the very best possible outcome for your loved one?”
The typical answer is something along the lines of “I want them to completely stop drinking / using drugs and to return to the loving member of our family that we remember from past”.

“Going to any lengths to guarantee you remain sober and drug free – no matter what!”

So a Sober Companion works with a willing client, whereas the Sober Body-Guide works with an unwilling one. Sober Services are uniquely experienced to provide gender specific staff for both of these scenarios.

When you engage us for our Sober Companions Services, you have absolute peace of mind that the person under our care is actively and positively working on their recovery.

We use all the tools and techniques available to us to make sure that their recovery is not only on track, but also being actively reinforced and growing stronger on a daily basis.

We include our Sober Coaching and Therapeutic engagement as part of this and we hand pick our team to best suit the assignments’ needs.

This is where you are guaranteed the result of sobriety on a daily basis, without the complications of inpatient treatment or the inconvenience of outpatient treatment. This is Recovery on the Road. Sober Companions are by far the best way to achieve success because they leave zero room for drinking or drugging while under our care.

By providing you with a fully trained Sober Companion we accompany our clients wherever required, to ensure they maintain their sobriety and good health.

The Sober Body-Guide operates like a discreet bodyguard whose duties are to ensure that whenever a situation with alcohol (or drugs) presents itself, we will preserve our client’s safety, maintaining their recovery and helping them to make the right choices. By remaining in the shadows, the Sober Body-Guide pro-actively assists in eliminating the chances of anything affecting our client’s health and sobriety.

0301240e94d99cd69826ff7367270062Often, clients who may have shown sincere and positive progress whilst in treatment have been unable to maintain this momentum during their first few days outside of the structured treatment setting. This return to home and work environments can be a difficult transition, often awkward and uncomfortable for the person trying to stay clean and sober. We help by offering experience, encouragement, and companionship during this crucial time, to show how to live life without the pitfalls that many fall into so easily.

We will pick up the client (often at graduation or shortly after – though sometimes after being discharged) and assist them on their “journey”. We are happy to accompany them to AA, NA, CA or any other fellowship meetings as required.

Sober Companions and Sober Body-Guides are available to assist clients for as long as support is considered necessary and for as long as our assistance is welcomed.

Anyone struggling to remain abstinent from drugs and/or alcohol will also benefit greatly from the presence of a Sober Companions who will go the extra mile to appease the client’s desire to drink or use – to relapse! We will use various different tools from many different models of training to prevent a relapse. The Sober Body-guide will go the extra mile to share the tools of recovery by sharing their own stories and methods of overcoming obsessions and compulsions.

Our Sober Companions / Sober Body-Guides are able to blend into any social situation and always behave appropriately and with the utmost discretion. We really do understand and protect your anonymity. They will discretely accompany the client and play whichever role is chosen – such as business colleague, friend or just simply life coach.

Our Sober Companions / Sober Body-Guides will do their best to always make sure all the environments remain drug free and will clear any unnecessary alcohol, for instance at home, office, car, hotel room, etc. and screen potential threats before they emerge.
Our Sober Companions are able to address any recovery related queries and are comfortable sharing their own experiences and how getting into recovery was the best decision of their lives.

The ultimate goal of the Sober Companion is to ensure the client successfully makes it through their daily experiences which would previously have led them to drink or use, but with a new understanding of their behaviours, available for them to remain safe the next time.

But equally important, is that we facilitate the transformation of our clients’ lives back from active addiction and forward into positive and healthy lifestyles.
We ensure our Sober Companions behave in a manor that complements the particular activities they are working within. They have been chosen based upon their responsible temperament, positive personalities, knowledge of successful recovery, and their ability to adapt to the client’s environment.

All of our Sober Companions and Sober Body-Guides have been CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked and have met certain standards that one would expect from someone setting an example of sober living. Indeed, since they are in recovery themselves they will conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards.

Sober Companions are not baby sitters, carers or doormats, ready to do whatever the client wants.
We will not permit the client to engage in unhealthy or immoral behaviours and we will always steer the client towards taking recovery based decisions, rather than following their addictive thought processes.
The client’s healthy choices will always compliment their recovery and if the client is not making recovery based decisions we will confront them about this and try to help them realise how they are not in recovery when they make such choices e.g. hiring escorts / prostitutes, socialising in bars / clubs, staying up all night / sleeping all day, etc.

Other terms for Sober Companions are: Sober Body-Guide, Sober Guardian, Sober Escort, Sober Champion, Sober Coaches, or Recovery Coaches.

We operate a daily rate or a tailor made package.

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"Ian Young was an amazing influence in my life last year and has continued to be a wonderful support to me since. He helped me to research a film role I was determined to get right. It was the role of a police woman struggling with alcohol and cocaine addiction. Ian introduced me to some unbelievable people who were so honest and open about their own experiences of addiction and rehabilitation.

The whole experience was unbelievably moving to me as a person and made the role in to something that exceeded all of my expectations as an actress. I knew, after my time with Ian researching, that I had to honour him and all the people who had given me their time in my performance. I am so grateful to all of them. I don’t care how the role is perceived as long as they and Ian gives it the thumbs up! That’s what matters.

Seeing the generosity, commitment and humour Ian brings to the people he works with is truly inspirational. He uses his own struggle and experience to help others through theirs. Not the kind of humanity you find every day. He is one of those people that makes things happen. All I had to do was ask if he could sort me out with some people to talk to and places to visit for research and it was done. He really did make what I thought to be the impossible, possible. I could not have done it without you Ian! Let’s hope the film does well, but most importantly, let’s hope all the people I met are happy and healthy and continue to thrive on the support you and people like you give them.

Thanks for being so generous and putting yourself on the line for a complete stranger. All the blessings in the world for all you put your hand to"

Zawe Ashton

Actor and Writer

"We employed Ian to offer cocaine addiction consultancy and training to our leading lady – Zawe Ashton, so that she could play the part of a policewoman with a drug habit. Ian did so much more than help her understand how to act like a cocaine addict, but over a number of sessions he went on to make suggestions regarding the complete psychology and behavioural patterns of an addicted person, which positively impacted the complete credibility of the film. I know that our movie benefitted greatly from Ian’s input and I will be recommending him and his Sober Consultancy services in other Lionsgate movie productions"

Elliot Lester

Director of Blitz for Lionsgate UK

"To whom it may concern.

Hi, my name is Dave and I am an extremely happy customer of Sober Services. After 18months of continually failing to stay sober for more than two months I was somewhat baffled to why this was. Most of the time all was well, I would get through the first couple of weeks full of confidence, and then out of the blue would find myself relapsing at times of stress or at social events. On speaking to a friend she suggested I contact Ian, so I did. On meeting Ian for the first time I immediately felt very comfortable and at ease in his company. A week later I was due to go on business abroad, these certain trips were always my most vulnerable times (airports, business meetings etc.) so I decided to give sober services a try. Ian picked me up promptly in the very early hours of the morning (in a very nice comfortable car) and drove me to Heathrow airport. We chatted all the way to the airport and I was made to feel at ease before boarding my flight. Upon my return Ian was again prompt and returned me home safely. A couple of weeks later I had to attend a family function, (these were always big trigger points for me), and I invited Ian to accompany me. Ian introduced himself as a friend and was welcomed by all members of my family, and again I returned home safe and sober…. A few months have passed now and I’m still sober thanks to the help, genuine care and support from Ian and Sober Services. Many thanks"

Dave W

"Ian Young and his team at Sober Services have delivered a service that has been far better then we could have ever hoped for.
On the very first day I called Ian he was able to react to our situation immediately and had two people on the job that very afternoon.
The level of advice, support, experience and resources that Sober Services provide is quite impressive.

This particular assignment had its own challenges… confidentiality and being able to adapt to constantly changing schedule were key!
Sober Services fitted around our requirements perfectly and got the job done."

Production Co-ordinator

an International TV & Film Production Team (maintaining their client’s anonymity)