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Due to a great deal of clients requesting something more substantial from us in an on-going service, we devised our own Sober Aftercare, since we saw clearly the importance of such a supportive structural opportunity for our client’s sobriety.

Based upon the American model known as “continuum of care”, this form of specialized on-going support for the recovering individual is widely acknowledged as the missing link in today’s recovery industry.

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The Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS) is a network of professional interventionists across the world. Interventionists guide families and friends, business executives, and others through the intervention process to urge the family and addicted person to accept help. All full members are Certified Intervention Professionals exceeding educational and performance standards.

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Sober Services launched Sober Aftercare as an extension to residential treatment, with its intention to provide our clients with a much deeper level of support and follow on care than regular aftercare recommendations.

Some of the Sober Aftercare features include random or regular drug testing, attendance at 12 step meetings, meetings with a therapist, counsellor or psychiatrist, and attendance at pre-arranged Rehabilitation aftercare or outpatient services. The minimum period of Sober Aftercare is 6 months, although 12 months is recommended and in many cases 18 or 24 months are employed.

Sober Aftercare, not only benefits the participating individual, but it also offers support and assurance to their family, loved ones support network and work environment where applicable. The programme gives responsibility back to the clients while holding them accountable for their own recovery progress. This alleviates family members and those that care from the burden of monitoring them by themselves, and allowing us to deal with any issues that may arise, effectively and immediately. We take care of the worrying, while impressing upon the client the importance of them taking responsibility for themselves.

Whilst an individual is enrolled in our programme, Sober Aftercare provides the participant’s family, treatment providers, and support network, including employers where appropriate, with a disclosure of the client’s recovery progress. This includes reports for all random drug screenings, updates on documentation for 12-step meeting attendance, and any relevant corresponding progress from their therapist, psychiatrist, or aftercare provider.

The key to Sober Aftercare is contact, monitoring and holding accountable the client. This combined with our Case Management Programme (available upon request), which provides a more intensive level of care, post residential treatment, provides qualified staff to support not only the client but the family as well.

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Reasons for a Sober Intervention

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Treatment Advisory Service

Treatment Advisory Service

We offer independent and unbiased help choosing which residential rehabilitation centers or detoxification clinics are the most appropriate.

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Sober Transportation

Sober Transportation

We also offer Sober Transportation from anywhere in the world for individuals considered at risk to travel by themselves.

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