Rehab at Home

For some of our clients, a stay at a residential rehab or detoxification unit is very difficult – and in some cases impossible, due to onerous work or family commitments.

For these clients we have a very special service, “Rehab at Home”. This service allows us to provide for detoxification and the therapeutic rehabilitation / treatment to them, at their home, workplace or wherever suitable.


Home Rehab has many advantages not least of which is the clients ability to carry on with his or her daily life once any detoxification process that is necessary has been completed; provided that this is done in conjunction with the therapeutic treatment that we provide.

This process starts with a home visit from one of our specialists who will assess your requirements and, where necessary, will include a visit from one of our Doctors, who will then prescribe the appropriate medication to sustain a comfortable and safe detoxification programme.

We then monitor the client throughout the detoxification process – 24 hours per day, until they start to gain some more clarity in their thinking. At the appropriate time, once the client is through their detox, we reduce the 24-hour watch to an agreed level, typically, between 12 and 16 hours, and we begin the therapeutic side of their rehabilitation.

Once the client is able to begin engaging in their normal and regular pursuits, we accompany them through their early days, assisting them with new disciplines and structures, so that they avoid the return to their previous behaviours, and keeping them away from alcohol, drugs and other ‘triggers’.

This is an intense and highly effective method of treatment, lasting a minimum of 2 weeks, but normally this is recommended as a 4 to 6 week programme; with weekly or bi-weekly follow up sessions as required.
However, as with all of our products, this is tailor made to our client’s specific requirements.

Home Detox

This is a specialized service which is most suitable for our clients who prefer to remain at home and maintain absolute confidentiality during their detox, or who wish to follow a private maintenance programme.

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