Treatment Advisory Service


We offer independent and unbiased help choosing which residential rehabilitation centers or detoxification clinics are the most appropriate for you based upon your individual requirements.

We will assess your specific situation and make a recommendation based upon your particular circumstances, drink or drug of choice, proposed length of stay, location, budget and required comfort (to mention a few) making sure the minimum amount of stress is put upon the client, the family, the office or the admission process.

We’ve had the experience of visiting and vetting many of these facilities during our travels and through our own Sober Consultancy and Sober Transportation contracts, so you can expect us to find the clinic which is most ideally suited you fit your needs.

Whilst we will never intervene or interfere with a decision you’ve already made, if you are still unsure of where to attend, then ask us to assist you through all the possible options.

While Sober Services is not part of the NHS and therefore works solely within the private and independent healthcare sector, our familiarity with the whole of the UK and European treatment facilities is extensive. We are highly qualified to discuss your specific situation and therefore able to advise you based upon your particular budget as well as the particular client culture based within each service.

Our ethics and standards ensure that any enquiries are met in a professional and confidential manner, by putting you in touch directly with any recommended facilities and connecting you up to their admissions department.

We charge a fee of 10% of residential rehab costs for this service, although we’re happy to consider other options if you’re looking for a budget facility (some facilities pay commissions to companies who refer to them, thus permitting us under certain circumstances to offer this service for free).

We’re here to allow yourself the gift of minimizing your own stress during this difficult period.

We are happy to offer Sober Transportation to any of your chosen destinations, and Sober Through-Care throughout the process and post graduation.

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"I'd just like to add my thanks to Sober Services for doing such superb job yesterday, and for the sensitivity and empathy with which you approached Alex and us.

And thank you for the article you sent. It's good to see that the dangers of legal highs are getting better known.

Thanks again for all your help - we felt very supported.

All the very best

Penny. "

Penny M.

"It's almost a year since I was first put in contact with you and what a year it has been!
I really just wanted to say a huge thank you again to you.
As well as making the trip to SA to collect Dad, the support you gave me throughout the hardest time in my life was beyond invaluable.
I think the work you and your team do is amazing and families who use your services are lucky to have that level of understanding and support.
I hope we don't need to use your services again but to know you are there is reassurance enough for me!
Best wishes and thanks"

Sarah M.

"I want to thank you very much for your time, effort and support through this very difficult time – you have been amazing and it’s been very useful receiving your input. You definitely made me feel better as seemed to be able to relate very well to everything I said which also made me feel that we weren’t alone in this and weren’t peculiar or anything but that these things do happen to normal families!

Maybe we will meet one day, but hopefully under nicer circumstances!!"


South Africa