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We offer our clients a Private Prescribing Maintenance Program, usually Methadone or Buprenorphine (Subutex), particularly for international clients.

At Sober Services we pride ourselves on being innovative and responding to the requests from our clients.
One such emerging service we’ve begun offering has grown out of international clients of ours who’ve asked us to manage them or their loved ones through a Private Prescribing Maintenance Programme, usually Methadone or Buprenorphine (Subutex).

By using substitute prescribing, we can manage to bring someone’s using down to manageable levels and avoid the chaos that emerges through illegal street drug use. This programme is used largely for opiate addicts without the luxury of time to fully detox, and so by offering them this maintenance programme they’re able to continue their regular commitments and routines, whilst no longer being consumed by the madness of procuring illegal narcotics, often at poor prices or low quality.

The criteria we maintain is that the client at least have a desire to move towards coming off their drugs in the long run, but without a short term ambition.

By utilising our very own Doctors and Senior Team members, we’re able to begin our own monitoring and maintaining Programmes with clients requiring such a service.

They’re assessed regularly (usually every 4 weeks) and one of our Team works with them therapeutically simultaneously, in a coaching format in order to bring about change and willingness, however fast or slow.

This is a unique service and for the moment candidates may apply, but only those with the appropriate level of willingness and desire will be accepted onto this programme.

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