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Home Detox is not for everybody; but it is for those who desire a private, more comfortable and completely convenient detoxification.

This is a specialized service which is most suitable for our clients who prefer to remain at home and maintain absolute confidentiality during their detox, or who wish to follow a private maintenance programme.

Because of the highly private and personal experience a detox can be, some of our clients prefer to go through the withdrawals and detoxification process in the comfort of their own home.

Following on from our complete risk assessment and consultancy session, we’ll sweep the residence for all potential threats (alcohol, drugs, medication, weapons, etc) and one of our Doctors will make the home visit. We will then arrange for the prescribed medication to be collected (this requires the client to accompany us for legal reasons) and the process begins.

We operate 24 hours using shifts between the appropriate Sober Services staff (Detox Nurses), with the Doctor on high alert and standby. In some cases we will use multiple staff, if required.

The length of the detox is entirely based upon the level of toxicity that the client presents with, and their willingness to detoxify at whatever pace. What we are always careful of is ensuring the client doesn’t experience any unnecessary discomfort or to put them in any danger during the body’s withdrawal experience. Safety is our highest priority here.

Detoxing from Alcohol is the most dangerous detox of all. Although opiate (Heroin) detoxes can be extremely unpleasant, an alcohol detox is genuinely dangerous. More people die from Alcohol withdrawal than any other drug.
Withdrawals need to be monitored by doctors, nurses and other caring professionals.
Nearly always, specialised medications are given to the patient to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. The brain and body is used to functioning with a certain level of alcohol and when the alcohol is stopped the body and brain goes into a shock state. This can lead to the delirium tremors (DTs), delusions, sweats, etc.
Most Detox Centres monitor a patients vitals during this time and administers the appropriate medication to stop or decrease any of the above symptoms from the withdrawal, and our Private Doctors and medical staff operate at the same level of professionalism and duty of care.

A typical Home Detox would offer the following features:

  • Full initial consultation & assessment with a Sober Coach and Substance Misuse Doctor
  • Medication prescribed, and assistance in collection
  • (starting from) 3 nights, 4 day 24 hour care from detox nurses and staff.
  • Starting on day 4 (or later if required) home based handover to Sober Services Coaching team within the UK
  • Treatment Advisory Service, Sober Coaching Home Study and Sober Through-Care to be discussed (price upon consultation)
  • 10 – hourly Skype aftercare recovery sessions, used generally weekly but can be adapted accordingly (included in charge).
  • Naltrexone Implants are available if required (extra cost)

Other particulars can be discussed and configured to suit the specific requirements of each individual individual.

Sober Services has been offering a unique service which has proved itself popular recently. This is the Sober Services Private Prescribing Programme which permits for the client to manage their own slower detox over months, rather than days. This would be most commonly applied for those looking for a gradual opiate withdrawal using methadone or subutex, rather than completing it in days in a controlled environment.

In 2014, Sober Services began offering Naltrexone Implants through one of our partner organisations.
This organisation is the only facility in the UK / Western Europe to legally offer and surgically administer Naltrexone Implants.

Rehab at Home

For some of our clients, a stay at a residential rehab or detoxification unit is very difficult – and in some cases impossible, due to onerous work or family commitments.

For these clients we have a very special service, “Rehab at Home”. This service allows us to provide for detoxification and the therapeutic rehabilitation / treatment to them, at their home, workplace or wherever suitable.

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