Self Test

If you are unsure if

  • You
    • Someone you care about
    has a problem with alcohol or drugs, and whether or not you/they need help, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Have you ever made the decision to quit drinking or using for a week, but only lasted for a couple of days? Or tried to cut down only to find you couldn’t?
    2. Have any of your friends and family suggested that you might have a problem? Do you often wish people would mind their own business about your drinking or using and stop telling you what to do? Is this causing conflict within your family, friends and own conscience?
    3. Have you ever drank or used more than you intended to? Have you ever regretted that first drink, line or pill?
    4. Have you begun drinking or using alone? Have you begun to realise that you need a drink or drug to get started, or just to stop shaking in the morning?
    5. Do you envy people who can drink or use without getting into trouble?
    6. Are you hiding your drinking or using in your bathroom, car, workplace or other public places?
    7. Have you had any health problems connected with your drinking or using and still carried on doing it? Are you happy with your current sex life?
    8. Have you ever stolen money to finance your next binge?
    9. Do you ever try to ensure you get an extra drink / hit than those around you because it wasn’t enough, or in case it won’t be enough?
    10. Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking / using any time you want to, even though you keep getting drunk / high when you didn’t intend to? Have you broken any promises to yourself or loved ones when you’ve said you’d quit, but now find yourself unable to completely keep that promise?
    11. Have you missed days off work because of your drinking or using? Or are you afraid that if you stop drinking and using that your quality of work will suffer – you will lose energy, motivation, confidence etc?
    1. Have you noticed a marked change in behaviour (including coming home late, missing appointments, changing habits and routines)?
    2. Does he/she have severe mood swings that are out of the ordinary?
    3. Have you noticed a change in bodily appearance (including weight, poor skin, sweating, handshakes, etc.)?
    4. Has there been a change in financial circumstances or have you noticed items have gone missing, possibly sold? Is he/she committing crime?
    5. Does he/she isolate and/or seem depressed?
    6. Is he/she obviously intoxicated but denies it?

    Did you answer YES to any of these questions?

    If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions it is likely that you/they have a drink or drug problem. You may well be an alcoholic and / or addict.

    Why do we say this? Because our own experience has shown us our patterns of behaviour to be alike.

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