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Gladstones' residential rehab programmes are designed to place equal emphasis on physical health, mental well-being and emotional connection. Treatment is not predicated on the 12 Step method. The Gladstones integrative rehabilitation model emphasizes the critically important role of both cognitive and behavioral factors in addiction. This includes the creation of, and then maintenance of, the root cause of the addiction, fixation or disorder.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is widely used to treat a range of addiction related disorders. Typical disorders include to food, alcohol, drugs and other compulsive behaviours. We find that CBT teaches clients to finally understand the negative mental and emotional patterns and complexes that are at the heart of their addictions.

It is our belief that addiction is merely a symptom of a deeper unresolved and underlying issue. Getting to the original root of the problem and healing the wound, offers the best chance of permanent recovery from the cycle of addiction.


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Alcohol, drug and behavioural addiction interventions. How they break denial in the illness of addiction, who needs and intervention and how an intervention can help access addiction treatment and attain recovery

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Key questions for Rehab Providers

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Sober Companion

Sober Companions

When you engage us for our Sober Companions Services, you have absolute peace of mind that the person under our care is actively and positively working on their recovery.

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Treatment Advisory Service

Treatment Advisory Service

We offer independent and unbiased help choosing which residential rehabilitation centers or detoxification clinics are the most appropriate.

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