If you have answered ‘YES’ to ANY one of these questions it is likely that you have a drink or drug problem.

Our Home Study Kit will certainly go a long way towards sorting this out.

Sober Coaching Programme

If you answered ‘YES’ to 5 or more of these questions then you may well have a damaged relationship with alcohol and / or drugs.

Our Sober Services Home Study would be the ideal place to radically change this relationship with booze / drugs.

Sober Coaching Programme

If you answered, “YES” to 9 or more of these questions then you most likely have addictive disease and although our Sober Services Home Study Kit will help, it is likely you will need much more structure in your treatment for recovery. Contact our team to discuss this further.

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Please know this:

We felt like you do.

We behaved like you do.

We thought like you do.

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