It’s Not About Me


Ian Young has assisted thousands of families ravaged by addiction to repatriate themselves and return to healthy lifestyles addiction free. A former drug addicted alcoholic, Ian has had a life of magnificent ups and debilitating lows, feeding his addiction whilst simultaneously exploring life’s greater questions. This is his astounding story, living as a vagabond and an outlaw, one step ahead of the law at all times. But Ian doesn’t just recount the years of madness and mayhem; in this book Ian tells you precisely how he’s recovered and how you or a loved one can recover too.By telling his own compelling story with full disclosure in his own unique and jovial manner, he recounts to you his outrageous story of decadence and self indulgence in such a canny and witty way that the reader rides the experiences alongside him, with an equal measured emphasis on how to apply his own successful strategies for abundant living by offering easy to read inspirational examples of his own. There isn’t a simpler way to become free from addiction and change your life, than by following the guidelines in this powerful book.It can be read as an autobiography, or as a study tool to learn about successful recoveries from addictions. It has been written in such a way that Ian’s spirit shines through and is to be enjoyed, despite the tragic topics and desperate stories of his afflictions. Read this book if you are afflicted by your own addictions. Read this book if you have a loved one struggling with an addiction. Read this book if you are on your own journey into recovery and life beyond. Read this book if you believe there could be more to your life. Read this book if you simply enjoy a great story.