7 Essential things to look for in a Sober Companion

What to look for in a Sober Companion

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When we meet with families and concerned parties, one of the questions we ask is “What would be your very best possible outcome for your loved one or colleague?”

Obama Gupta RX Summit

The only way to stop using drugs is to stop using drugs.

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I’m prompted to respond to the news yesterday of President Obama’s visit to Atlanta to discuss drug policy, specifically heroin addiction and alternate prescribing such as methadone and suboxone. Obama: Addiction is a preventable disease By Nadia Kounang, CNN Updated 2228 GMT (0528 HKT) March 29, 2016 From left, Dr. Leana Wen, Crystal Oertle, Justin Luke Riley, President Obama and …

3 common excuses addicts / alcoholics use to justify avoiding addiction treatment.

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Witnessing a family member or someone you care about succumb to an addiction of any kind – alcohol, narcotics, gambling, shopping / spending, sex / love / food, etc can be one of the most heart breaking things to witness, leaving you feeling powerless and hopeless…

Changing the Drug Laws

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  Yesterday, the news across the UK was partly taken up with a top Doctor – Sir Ian Gilmore, from the Royal College of Physicians calling for a drug law review and towards decriminalising controlled substances, thus drastically reducing crime (obviously) and improving health (possibly). http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-10990921 I’m not too sure where I stand on the legalisation or decriminalisation of drugs, …