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When is the right time for change? The time is now!

I’m acutely aware that many people around the world make new years’ resolutions at the end of one year into the next. Many of these will be “I’m going to drink less”, or “I’m going to eat less chocolate”, or “I’m going to quit smoking” or “I’m going to get fit and healthy back at […]

Squatters riot in Amsterdam

  Squatting: So this morning we hear on the news that due to changes in the Dutch legislation, Squatting rights in Holland will become more restrictive. Speaking as someone who Squatted for necessity and out of lifestyle choice from the age of 16 through to 29 (when I underwent life changes in all areas […]

Cocaine Chloe from X-Factor

  X-Factor: Like many other people in the UK at this time, I find myself watching X-factor (normally on recorded TV to miss the adverts) snuggled up on the sofa with the wife. If I’m honest, its all her fault that I’m drawn into the madness that is basically a karaoke show, albeit with excellent […]


I’m in an airport-serving Hotel next to LAX for the next week. Despite the weather being gorgeous outside, I’m not going to be out sunbathing. Despite the Hotel having a Swimming Pool, I won’t get the chance to go swimming. No Venice Beach. No Hollywood Boulevard. No Chinese Kodak Theatre. No Rodeo Drive / Melrose […]

Legal Highs to be tested for a year

  Yesterday the news was reporting that new legislation was being drafted to allow all “Legal Highs” to be banned for their first 12 months of introduction into the United Kingdom The idea behind this would be to allow authorities (Scientists presumably) a year to thoroughly test the drugs before permitting them a licence […]

Changing the Drug Laws

  Yesterday, the news across the UK was partly taken up with a top Doctor – Sir Ian Gilmore, from the Royal College of Physicians calling for a drug law review and towards decriminalising controlled substances, thus drastically reducing crime (obviously) and improving health (possibly). I’m not too sure where I stand on the […]

The Necessity of Addiction Help for Recovery

As the number of users of illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco increases in Great Britain, Europe, The United States and around the world, many individuals and families are seeking addiction help. The cost of drug dependence on all of society is tremendous between the money used on drugs, alcohol, tobacco and the medical and law […]