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10 Suggestions for a Healthy Recovery

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I’ve been working One-On-One with a gentleman with full blown addictions to drugs and alcohol recently and after my recent post titled 10 Recommendations For A Healthy Future referencing how to beat an addictive compulsion when you’ve not crossed the line into addictive disease, he requested that I write a list for him. So, this is written for people in …


10 Recommendations For A Healthy Future

Ian Young 10 tips, Addiction, Addictive Personality, Crystal Meth, Diet

I have often been asked to work with individuals with personal challenges for whom discretion due to their public profile is of immense importance. This means that traditional rehabilitation treatment and mixing with other patients, or any potential disclosure or leak of their situation to the press or public must absolutely be avoided. It’s a deal breaker. For examples, Celebrities, …

I eat healthy and nutritious foods

Ian Young Diet

I eat healthy and nutritous foods: For those of you who have been following my bogs, you may remember that on 22nd August 2010 I pledged to change my unhealthy eating choices Well, I’m really pleased to say that I’ve made a major shift in my attitudes and therefore my shape (my weight change isn’t conclusive yet). I underwent …

I pledge to change my unhealthy eating choices

Ian Young Diet

I’ve been thinking about my personal physical health, and what it means to mean to be Sober and in recovery, and how that relates to my physical health. For those of you that follow me on Facebook (feel free to add me as a friend) or know me personally, you’ll know that I make no denial about my attraction …