Experts in Addiction Treatments

The 7 Things You Need To Know About Rehab

1.    Rehab is not a punishment, and Rehab is not a Luxury Resort Believe it or not, rehab is not a punishment because of your addiction. It’s actually a privilege and a real opportunity for you to heal. Rehab is a second chance for you in life – like starting a new chapter in the […]

10 tips for Quitting Drinking

10 tips for quitting drinking 1) Make changes Change the people, places and pastimes that you’re used to spending time with or at. This is easiest when you socialise with people who don’t drink at all (there are many that exist), or in coffee shops rather than pubs, or take up a sport or hobby that […]

Tough Love Tactics for Addicts

Using “Tough Love” tactics to help treat Addiction In a world moving closer to nurture and farther away from nature, concepts like unconditional love are being shelved and replaced with things like “tough love”, with most addiction therapists, counsellors and practitioners proclaiming expressing that the former “unconditional love” model just doesn’t work. This is because […]

Are you or a loved one an alcoholic or an addict? How to spot the signs

There are certain characteristics that can be assumed for someone that is addicted or severely dependent. Ian Young, addictions consultant from Sober Services discusses this in more detail When is it too much alcohol?There are three different aspects of an addictive behaviour: 1) Being unable to control their consumption anymore, therefore hiding how much they […]

War on Drugs – Afghanistan considered

  I’ve been thinking about the War on Drugs in Afghanistan after watching a Channel 4 Documentary presented very fairly by Angus Macqueen. It was the final thoughts shared by an Afghanistan civilian that has left an uncomfortable thought swirling around my head. He shared (I’m paraphrasing here) that it was the responsibility of […]

Changing the Drug Laws

  Yesterday, the news across the UK was partly taken up with a top Doctor – Sir Ian Gilmore, from the Royal College of Physicians calling for a drug law review and towards decriminalising controlled substances, thus drastically reducing crime (obviously) and improving health (possibly). I’m not too sure where I stand on the […]

Giving Up Alcohol

It is difficult to give up something that has given one so much pleasure. When somebody gets addicted to a certain vice or discovers that they could not stop a certain bad habit, it can become close to impossible to curb that addiction. One of the most common problems that plague the most ordinary human […]

Alcohol Therapy – What to do when you need alcohol therapy

If you believe that you are drinking too much or if you are concerned about a friend or family member’s drinking habits, it may be time to look into alcohol therapy or a Sober Coach. One of the best ways to determine if you are drinking too much is to reflect on how it is […]

Options For Alcohol Recovery Programs

Alcohol recovery can be very difficult for those who are addicted to alcohol and do not know how to begin recovery. For many years, programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and detox clinics have been helping individuals become sober with success. However, it is important to understand that not everyone is able to recover using the […]

Effective Ways to Carry out Alcohol Intervention

Nobody in his right mind would love to see his or her loved one become an alcoholic without feeling very worried and very concerned. It may be true that alcoholism is not an easy condition to treat, but then, alcohol intervention also works wonders if the process is handled the right way. For a start, […]