Angry addict or please addict

Angry addict or pleased addict

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If the Addict is pleased with the help you’ve given them, you’re probably enabling them. If the Addict becomes angry, agitated or restless with the help you’re giving them, then you’re probably helping them beyond how you can ever imagine.

Spotting Addiction

Spotting addiction

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If there is even a small concern, then in most cases there is a problem, that given time will only develop and become a bigger problem. There could be many hidden addictions and there’s rarely no smoke without fire, no matter what story the person you’re concerned about concocts to baffle and confuse you. If your gut tells you there’s …

Helping Families

How addiction affects families

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Addictions affect everybody from any class, culture, race, religion, gender, sexual preferences, etc It happens to so many families, that 20% – 1 in 5, of British families have some sort of concern, which they normally hide because of fear of stigma. Remember, 10% – 1 in 10 people have some form of Addiction, whether chronic or still in it’s …

Addiction = Selfishness

Addiction = Selfishness

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Therefore a full lifestyle change including an adoption of a Spiritual lifestyle (thinking of others rather than remaining selfish and self centred) is required for success. The continuation of remaining vigilant and being aware of people, places and things that may trigger a response leading back to the addictive substance, behaviour or process is simply “part of the process” but …

Addiction and addictive disease

What is addictive disease

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Someone with an Addiction can be cured permanently given sufficient motivation and encouragement through coaching and / or other external pressures and influences. Someone with Addictive Disease will never stop their addictive patterns, behaviours and substances through talking therapies and exposure to alternative life choices. They require something far more drastic. They require a treatment that baffles science and never …

Solutions for addictions

What are the solutions of addiction

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Addictions come in various guises; and so may the solutions for an individual. First of all we need to assess them to discover if they have: 1) An Addiction e.g. smoking / drinking or other bad habit 2) Addictive Disease e.g. this person is an Addict and cannot stop alone. By considering each person individually we’re able to prescribe or …

Obama Gupta RX Summit

The only way to stop using drugs is to stop using drugs.

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I’m prompted to respond to the news yesterday of President Obama’s visit to Atlanta to discuss drug policy, specifically heroin addiction and alternate prescribing such as methadone and suboxone. Obama: Addiction is a preventable disease By Nadia Kounang, CNN Updated 2228 GMT (0528 HKT) March 29, 2016 From left, Dr. Leana Wen, Crystal Oertle, Justin Luke Riley, President Obama and …